Breezegale, also known as Vision 1-1, is the first location Klonoa: Door to Phantomile starts in, as well of Klonoa's home. It made a reappearance in Klonoa Heroes: Densetsu no Star Medal.


Breezegale is a region where the wind is plentiful, and has a large windmill located at the center.

Breezegale people

A Breezegale Resident

The villagers can harness the power of the wind, and shape and process stone using concentrated air. Behind the windmill is an abandoned mine named "Gunston Mine". At the top of the mine is "Bell Hill", which features a ringing bell to announce the time. Klonoa lives in Breezegale with his grandfather, and is a setting for most games. Near the village is the "Ruins of the Wind Kingdom" which used to be inhabited by an ancient kingdom that used to stand in Breezegale.


The Breezegale residents seem to resemble Klonoa's species, having long, puffy ears and animalistic features. The village Elder is Klonoa's Granpa.


Klonoa: Door to Phantomile

Breezegale is the hometown of Klonoa and his Granpa in Phantomile. After befriending Huepow, a ring spirit, Klonoa had been having dreams about a mysterious aircraft crashing atop of Bell Hill and recalled every detail of it. One day, a mysterious ship does indeed crash into Bell Hill, and Klonoa and Huepow decide to investigate. After fighting several small, round creatures called Moos, they reached the top of the mountain, only to find two mysterious creatures. They learned that the leader's name was Ghadius, and his accomplice was a short sinister-looking clown called Joka, and together they were searching for a pendant that holds certain magical properties. They kidnapped a girl named Lephise, and after retrieving a mysterious pendant and returning to their village, Klonoa and Huepow decided to chase after Ghadius and Joka, leaving the pendant in the care of Granpa. The region of Breezegale wasn't seen again until Klonoa takes the shortcut to get back to his Granpa since Joka had learned of the Moon Pendant's whereabouts.

Klonoa Heroes

In the alternate universe of Klonoa Heroes, Breezegale still serves as Klonoa's hometown, but has been overrun with monsters.


  • Concept art for Door to Phantomile shows that the Breezegale residents were originally going to come in more variety.


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