• Green Dream Stone
  • Blue Dream Stone

Dream Stones (ユメのかけら Yume no Kakera, "Dream Fragment") are small, green shards that are found throughout the stages of the Klonoa series. They are used to unlock special features, and collecting 100 of these stones will reward Klonoa with an extra life. Some Dream Stones are blue and diamond-shaped, and they are worth five green Dream Stones. In Klonoa Heroes: Densetsu no Star Medal, Dream Stones are used as experience to level up characters. Certain enemies also become giant versions of themselves by consuming one Dream Stone too many.

Door to Phantomile

In the first playthrough of the original version of Door to Phantomile, any Dream Stones collected will carry over to the next level. On the second playthough of the game, it is an aim to get all 150 in a level. Doing so will change the Dream Stone icon on the world map to blue instead of gray or green.

During your second playthrough of any stage, the player will be rewarded with an icon of an enemy from the game beside that particular level on the World Map;


  • An Algore for the Extra Vision.

Mirror Spirit


A Mirror Spirit in the original PS1 version of Door to Phantomile.

The Mirror Spirit is a fairy-like being stuck inside a bubble. Once freed, the spirit will double the value of Dream Stones Klonoa collects for a short amount of time before it disappears.  Collecting every possible Dream Stone while the Mirror Spirit is active is necessary to collect all 150 gems in a level.


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