Folgaran is a large and armored, dragon-like monster created by Leorina to fight Klonoa in La-Lakoosha at the Claire Moa Temple. It serves as the first boss in Klonoa 2: Lunatea's Veil.


Folgaran greatly resembles a robotic dragon. Three metallic, spiked paws are placed against its body: one on its chest and the other two on its sides with Leorina's symbol marked on the grey area of the paws. The top part of Folgaran's body is white, the middle part is dark blue, and the bottom area is red separated by a yellow line. Behind Folgaran, at the base of its tail, lies a round glowing area, that serves as his weak spot.


Folgaran has the ability to shoot floating mines from his throat and extend his spiked hands. When he is enraged, he will make his claws longer and redder to inflict more damage.


Folgaran will start spinning with his spiked hands extended. You have to hit him in the red glowing area at his rear. Dodge the mines. You do this two times until Folgaran gets angrier. He will spin faster, thus making it more difficult to hit him. When he's almost down, he will roar, indicating he's really angry. The claws on his hands grow longer and redder, and he gradually spins faster. You must hit him once with a flying Moo, and he will explode.