Heart Moo (ハートムゥ) is one of the playable characters from Klonoa Beach Volleyball. He is the King of all Moos.


Moo Moo March

Heart Moo's Special Attack in Klonoa Beach Volleyball. He hits the ball over the net. Afterwards, his opponents are turned into wandering Moos.


Klonoa Beach Volleyball

Heart Moo participates in the Beach Volleyball Tournament as one of the playable characters. If he wins, Heart Moo befriends the beach ball instead of accepting the cash prize and the trophy. This starts a trend among all the other Moos, all of whom begin to befriend volleyballs as well.

Beach Volleyball Stats

Type: Balance

  • Attack: 2/4
  • Block: 1.5/4
  • Feint: 3/4
  • Receive: 2.5/4
  • Speed: 3/4
  • Diff: 1.5/4


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