Indecision Pass is the place of the Element of Indecision in the Kingdom of Mira-Mira, and the battleground for Klonoa and Polonte the Hatchling in Klonoa 2: Lunatea's Veil.


Indecision Pass is made up of an icy tundra, with an Old Tree holding the Bell of Indecision at one end, later discovered to have the ability to speak to Popka's surprise. Another half of the area is made from a snowy runway, where Klonoa's battle with Polonte the Hatchling takes place.


Once passing through the Maze of Memories, Klonoa, Popka, and Lolo discover the bell hung on an Old Tree. Soon after learning that the Tree can speak, they begin an argument as a result of the Tree's remark on Lolo. The Old Tree then challenges Klonoa to prove his worth, by fighting Polonte the Hatchling. With Lolo unwilling to aid Klonoa, he must fight without the use of his ring.

After his first battle with Polonte, which then knock him out of his egg, Lolo receives a few comforting words from Popka, giving her the confidence to aid Klonoa.

Finally defeating Polonte, the Old Tree complements them on their determination, and rewards them with the Element. Klonoa thanks the Tree, taking the Element, and they continue their journey.


  • Logically, since Klonoa isn't assisted by Lolo in the first part of the battle, if the player presses the button to use the ring, nothing will happen.
  • It makes a brief appearance in Klonoa’s flashback in Klonoa: Dream Traveller of Noctis Sol.

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