The Ishras Ark is a large, boat-like ark located in the Lake of Seclusion. It is the only way to reach isolated kingdoms such as Mira-Mira or Hyuponia. The Ark was used by Klonoa and his friends to reach the isolated kingdom of Mira-Mira. It was later used by Leorina to reach Hyuponia, the Kingdom of Sorrow, as part of the King of Sorrow's plan.

There are two levels involving the Ishras Ark. In the first one, Klonoa and his friends need to activate the Ark in order to reach Mira-Mira, the isolated Kingdom of Indecision. There is also the blue, egg-shaped area dangling above the engines of the Ark, Embryo Compass, where Klonoa battles Leorina when she was overcomed by sorrow. In the level, The Ark Revisited, Klonoa and his friends need to stop the Ark before it opens a path to Hyuponia, the Kingdom of Sorrow.


The Ishras Ark, according to Baguji, once traveled to all the lands of Lunatea when the world was in harmony and the inhabitants moved about freely between their respective kingdoms.  


The Ark has three engines, each of which need to be activated for the Ark to function. In the game, the engines are activated first by throwing a red-colored Likuri into them and then activating a special switch. Later, when the Ark needs to be stopped before reaching Hyuponia, the player must throw a Boomie into each engines to destroy them, and run away before the engine explodes.

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