Klonoa hovering over Joilant Fun Park

Joilant is the Kingdom of Joy in Klonoa: Lunatea's Veil. The entire kingdom is like an amusement park. It is said that the kingdom's inhabitants put entertainment before safety.


Joliant is literally a giant amusement park.


  • Female Joilant inhabitant
  • Male Joilant inhabitant

The inhabitants of Joilant seem to be composed of doll-like creatures in a variety of colors. There is also a man named Momett, who allows the player to view a scrapbook, replay boss battles, listen to the game's music, and play two extra levels. Joilant's notable mascot is a tall, red and yellow striped doll creature.


In Lunatea's Veil, Klonoa, Lolo, and Popka arrive in Joilant to get the Element of Joy. The Element of Tranquility is then stolen by Tat, who splits into two, and the heroes go to recover it by traversing the different attractions of the amusement park.


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