Karal is a young fish who first appeared in Klonoa: Door to Phantomile. He is the son of Pamela. He would later appear in Klonoa Heroes, and the Wii remake of Door to Phantomile.


In Door to Phantomile, Karal is a yellow, fishlike creature. His scales are yellow with his flippers and tail fin is tinted with purple. The tips on Karal's horns are also tinged with purple and a pair of small blue streaks runs behind his pink eyes. A large pink gem is embedded on his forehead. In the Wii remake, Karal's appearance takes some inspiration from his Klonoa Heroes design.

In Klonoa Heroes, Karal's purple fins are replaced with green, and his eyes are brown. The tip of his horns though are still purple, and a green arrow-shaped marking is on his forehead.


Karal is a very caring son. Although he is brave enough to sacrifice himself for his mother, Pamela, he isn't able to fight her.


Like his mother, Pamela, Karal has the ability to fly in the air as well as speak.


Klonoa: Door to Phantomile

Karal lived in the Water Kingdom of Jugpot, along with his mother, Pamela, serving under King Seadoph. However Ghadius attacked, corrupting both King Seadoph and Pamela, and imprisoning Karal in a cage outside of Shell Castle. His cries for help caught Klonoa and Huepow's attention and they soon freed him. Karal asked them a favor to help free his mother, Pamela, and King Seadoph from an evil spell Ghadius placed on them. Klonoa and Huepow agreed to help, and in return, Karal took them into the castle by letting them ride on his back.

Once inside, Karal watched from a safe distance as Klonoa and Huepow battled the corrupted King Seadoph and Pamela. Once they were both defeated and returned to normal, Seadoph called upon Karal to transport Klonoa and Huepow back to Forlock Forest, where the young fish bid farewell to his new companions and thanked them for saving his mother.

After the battle with Ghadius in the Moon Kingdom of Cress, Karal appeared again along with Pamela, Granny, Balue, Seadoph, and the High Priest of Coronia to celebrate Klonoa and Huepow's victory. However, when Nahatomb was ressurected, Karal flew Klonoa and Huepow to the final battleground. As Nahatomb was approaching, Klonoa instructed Karal to hide someplace safe. Karal, along with Pamela, possibly returned to Jugpot after Nahatomb's destruction along with King Seadoph.

Klonoa Heroes

In Jugkettle Sea, Karal appeared as a mysterious silhouette when Klonoa and Guntz were investigating the whereabouts of the monster that's been terrorizing the port. Once they cornered Karal, the yellow fish was at first afraid of Klonoa and Guntz until he asked them if they were heroes. Karal then pleaded to Klonoa and Guntz to help his mother, Pamela, regain her sanity, and the two heroes agreed to help him.



  • Karal is often mistaken as female.

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