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This article is about the character in the main Klonoa series timeline. You may be looking for the character who appeared in Klonoa Heroes universe.


Klonoa (クロノア, Kuronoa), sometimes referred to as Klonoa of the Wind (風のクロノア, Kaze no Kuronoa) is an anthropomorphic long-eared cat who is the main protagonist in the Klonoa franchise. He was created by Namco and Klonoa Works, and has starred in his own series since 1997.

Character development

Klonoa was designed by Yoshihiko Arai. Arai's first design, "Shady", had a shadow-like appearance. However, he felt that the lack of color did not seem tasteful, and therefore dropped the design. His next design was created with characteristically animal eyes and long ears, as Arai felt that a person's eyes and silhouette are the features noticed when they are first met. He added a large hat with a Pac-Man emblem on it and collar to give the character a childlike and energetic quality. The design was kept and used for Klonoa.[1] Another early idea for the character was for him to be a robot-like stone figure brought to life by a human soul being trapped in it. [2]


Klonoa's general appearance is very simple. He has primarily black fur, with his muzzle/snout fur, hands, feet and the ends of his long ears being white. His eyes are usually portrayed as being yellow in color, but in some games such as Dream Champ Tournament, they're orange. He also has long, fluffy ears with the ends resembling maple leaves.

In Klonoa: Door to Phantomile, Klonoa was much more feline in appearance, with large, yellow eyes that resembled real cat-like eyes with very little, if any sclera showing and noticeable fangs. His attire consisted of red shorts, a teal green belt, a light blue Pac-Man cap, yellow gloves, a large oversized red dog collar that was worn around his neck and brown and white shoes. He also went around shirtless.

In Klonoa: Moonlight Museum, Klonoa's appearance was changed slightly; his eyes were given a more traditional animated look as well as making him somewhat taller, his belt is now brown instead of teal green, and his oversized red dog collar now lacks details.

In Klonoa 2: Lunatea's Veil, he went through a significant design change. Klonoa now wears a blue t-shirt with a large zipper pin, dark blue shorts with yellow buttons on the sides, a backwards blue cap and red and white hi-top lace-up sneakers with white soles and white shoelaces. He also still wears yellow gloves. His face was altered a bit as well, giving more focus to the fur around his mouth, as well as making his yellow eyes more Sonic-esque while still retaining his cat-like pupils. This is the appearance he would keep through future games, with the exception being the Klonoa Wii remake.

In Klonoa: Dream Traveller of Noctis Sol, Klonoa looks older and now wears a red t-shirt similar to his usual blue t-shirt, but with a new blue Pac-Man cap, a large, slightly oversized red collar on his neck, blue shorts, red and white hi-top sneakers, a red belt, and yellow gloves. He was also given a wider body and larger irises. The comic shows his sleeping attire, which is striped pajamas that consist of light blue for his pajama pants and cyan for his pajama shirt.

In the Wii remake of the first game, his attire has, once again, been altered. He now wears a short-sleeved red open jacket with a yellow collar and pale blue sleeve ends, a darker blue Pac-Man cap, red calf-length shorts with a black belt, yellow gloves and brown and white hi-top boots. Much like his Door to Phantomile appearance, he also doesn't wear anything underneath his short-sleeved red jacket. His irises also appear two-toned (half yellow, half orange).

His design in the cancelled film remains the same as his Dream Traveller of Noctis Sol design, except for the fact that his t-shirt is replaced by a yellow trench coat.


Klonoa is known for being a determined, friendly and good-natured individual, often helping others and saving the various worlds he finds himself in from all sorts of trouble.

His kindness was reflected in Lunatea's Veil, when a strange voice was calling him, known as a "Dream Voice", and was later found out to be the King of Sorrow, for he was sad because people had forgotten him. When Klonoa acknowledged who the voice was, with an open heart, he helped the King of Sorrow by ringing the Fifth Bell of the Kingdom of Sorrow and made sure that Lunatea would never forget sorrow.

Klonoa never gives up no matter what he's up against, and because of this determination, he has garnered the respect and admiration of several characters such as Lolo, Popka, Chipple, and Guntz. He is also capable of showing great respect to others who do heroic things, as seen when he showed Pango respect for his strength and when he called Lolo a hero for her role in saving Lunatea. Klonoa also dislikes those who call him a kid or look down on him, causing him to go through great lengths to prove them wrong.

While most protagonists tend to be consistent with their level of bravery, Klonoa has a wide range of fear levels. For instance, he suffers from acrophobia and hydrophobia, becoming uneasy when too high or near water, but remains relaxed or confident when around ghosts and monsters.

He can also be quite absent-minded and naïve at times, not seeing obvious teasing or insults.


Klonoa has his own unique language, with such exclamations as "Manya!" (an exclamation shouted by him whenever he is hurt), "Rupurudu!" (Let's Go!) and "Wahoo!", which have become his trademarks. While it would be easy to label Klonoa's language as the cute gibberish fictional language based on Japanese in the Klonoa franchise, there does seem to be an underlying syntax order. For example, most of the time Klonoa silences the letter N, pronouncing his name as "Klo-oa."

The Dream Traveller

Though a comprehensive account of Klonoa's games is still forthcoming, all that is currently known about him is contained within the various scenes in the Klonoa series. He lives in the world of Phantomile in a small village called Breezegale with his grandfather, who he and everyone else refer to affectionately as "Grandpa". It is currently unknown what his parents' status is, or if they simply live somewhere else.

It is also known in the first game that Phantomile was not actually his homeworld, but rather another world Klonoa was summoned to by Huepow to save it and its dreams. After saving it, he was sent back to his own world by the Song of Rebirth sung by the Diva Lephise.

IMG 0291

Klonoa's house

When regarding his homeworld, it is shown that he lives in a small house, but it's unknown if he has a family. During Dream Traveller of Noctis Sol, it was said that his world is Breezegale.

Klonoa is described as a "Dream Traveller", who is fated to travel to various places where the state of dreams is in danger without choice. During his travels to several Dream Worlds, he has met several characters who would later become recurring characters in the franchise, such as Huepow, Popka and the young priestess Lolo who might have feelings for him. He has also made a rival/friend of a gun-toting mercenary named Guntz.

The Wind Ring is the weapon fated to accompany Klonoa in his travels, needing a power source to work (but can be used even without one, as shown in other games). Door to Phantomile shows that the Wind Ring fell from the sky with Huepow acting as its power source, being activated by Klonoa, who found it. At the end of the game, however, Huepow reveals that it was only a fake memory implanted in Klonoa's head by him, suggesting the Wind Ring was with Klonoa the entire time. Klonoa Heroes reveals that the ring was given to Klonoa by his Grandpa as a gift.


Klonoa Timeline

  • Klonoa: Moonlight Museum is the prequel to Door to Phantomile since it takes place before the events of that game.
  • Klonoa: Door to Phantomile takes place after the events of Moonlight Museum but it also takes place before the events of Empire of Dreams. Both versions of the game are interchangeable here as the Wii remake doesn’t make any changes to the story that could conflict with other games.
  • Klonoa: Empire of Dreams takes place after the events of Door to Phantomile but it also takes place before the events of Lunatea's Veil.
  • Klonoa 2: Lunatea's Veil takes place after the events of Empire of Dreams but it also takes place before the events of Dream Champ Tournament.
  • Klonoa 2: Dream Champ Tournament is the final entry in the main timeline taking place sometime after the events of Klonoa: Empire of Dreams and Klonoa 2: Lunatea's Veil.

Klonoa Beach Volleyball, Klonoa Heroes and Klonoa: Dream Traveller of Noctis Sol are excluded from the timeline since Klonoa Heroes takes place in a separate timeline, Klonoa Beach Volleyball is a sports spinoff game and Noctis Sol is a dubiously canon webcomic which makes references to Klonoa's previous adventures.

Klonoa's Species

There is much speculation as to what Klonoa actually is, though he most closely resembles a rabbit or cat. The latter is probably the most fitting description as Namco has stated in various interviews that though he is primarily a fantasy character, they consider him a cat with long ears. He is also called a feline in Namco x Capcom.

Abilities and Techniques

Klonoa's small yet notable abilities have faithfully been retained in nearly every game he has been featured in, and very little has been changed about them throughout the years, despite changes in game engines and console hardware. Most of his talents come from his particular attributes such as his large ears or his special Wind Ring which can be used for a variety of effects.

Wind Bullet

The magical jewel at the end of Klonoa's ring can fire a concentrated orb blast of wind known as a Wind Bullet that serves as his primary means of attack. When this bullet is fired against a square block or enemy, their bodies inflate and become rounded, filling up with a light substance that makes them float. Klonoa can then pick them up over his head and either toss them straight forward into other enemies or use them to perform a second jump in the air, allowing him to reach places he normally couldn't (and kicking the enemy he is holding downwards in the process). Many of the levels in the Klonoa series of games have been designed with this ability in mind, with large vertical obstacles being a common hindrance. It was revealed in Lunatea's Veil that the ring couldn't operate if some power source is not inside it. However, there have occurrences in several games where Klonoa's ring could fire wind bullets without anyone inside. The Wind Bullet can also hurt instead of just make enemies inflate, as shown in Klonoa Heroes.


180px-Klonoa Empire of Dreams Screen01

Klonoa flapping his large ears to gain height in Empire of Dreams

Klonoa can often use his large, floppy ears to his advantage by flapping them in order to add a few more inches to his maximum jump height or to remain in the air for a moment longer. This move has been important in games where precise jumps are needed and leaves smaller room for error with judging Klonoa's landings.

Board Riding

In addition to Klonoa's other talents, Klonoa has demonstrated the ability to ride a special Air Board in several of his titles. Resembling a snowboard that hovers slightly off the ground, this board is usually only available in certain circumstances, but it allows him to travel over large areas of snow or water. His ears are also usable when on the board, as well as his Wind Ring, allowing Klonoa to make impossibly large jumps and stay in the air for an extended time. Lunatea's Veil was the first game that allowed the use of board riding.

Dive Suit

The dive suit is a special mechanical suit that was introduced in Dream Champ Tournament. It was loaned to Klonoa by Garlen in order to compete with Suiryu, because of his inability to swim.

Tornado Attack

The Tornado Attack is Klonoa's Super Attack in Beach Volleyball. A single tornado appears wherever the ball lands on the opponents' side, pulling them in.

Tornado Attack EX

The Tornado Attack EX is used only in a cutscene in Beach Volleyball. Klonoa used the attack to counter Chipple's Spinning Punch only for it to backfire and damage the Breezegale Windmill.


Klonoa: Door to Phantomile

Klonoa (1998)

Klonoa as he appears in Door to Phantomile

Klonoa lived in the town of Breezegale with his grandfather until the day he found the Wind Ring falling from the sky and took it, releasing the ring spirit Huepow and soon becoming his best friend.

One day, a dark ship crashed into Bell Hill, just like in Klonoa's dream, and he and Huepow decided to investigate. They learned that Joka and his master Ghadius were searching for a pendant that held magical properties. They kidnapped the diva songstress Lephise, and Klonoa and Huepow decided to chase after them. Along the way, they managed to find the pendant and left it with Grandpa. However, Joka discovered this and attacked Klonoa's house, stealing the pendant and killing his grandfather. Traveling to Cress, the Moon Kingdom, Klonoa learned that Huepow was actually its Prince, but continued to help him. Klonoa eventually defeated both Joka and Ghadius, but Ghadius unleashed the beast named Nahatomb. With the help of his friends he and Huepow met along the adventure, Klonoa managed to defeat Nahatomb and rescue Lephise.

However, afterwards, Huepow informed Klonoa that he was given fake memories when he was summoned. Klonoa wanted to stay in Phantomile, but when Lephise sang her Song of Rebirth to renew the world, an upset and heartbroken Klonoa was sucked through a portal back to his true home.

Klonoa: Moonlight Museum


Klonoa as he appears in Moonlight Museum

Klonoa and his friend Huepow came across a young crying girl who told them that the moon has been divided into fragments called Moon Stones and were stolen by a mysterious group of artists that reside in the nearby Moonlight Museum. Determined to help, the duo rushed off to the Museum's entrance, and once they came inside, they were greeted by a painter named Picoo who trapped them inside a piece of artwork. Klonoa and Huepow fought their way out but are continuously trapped in four different worlds by the other artists. They managed to escape each one of them while collecting the fragments of the moon. After the last one, they find that the Museum itself is a living being and the one behind everything. Klonoa managed to collect the remaining the fragments and restores the moon to the sky, making the Museum and its artists see their evil ways and wanting to be better.

Klonoa: Empire of Dreams

Klonoa awoke one morning in the Empire of Dreams with Huepow, and was dragged by the emperor's three royal guards to his throne room. Emperor Jillius himself informed Klonoa that he broke the sacred law of his kingdom by dreaming, which he viewed as a worthless endeavor and a total waste of time. The Emperor himself suffered from insomnia and decreed that if he couldn't be allowed to dream, then no one could. Rather than punish Klonoa outright, he instead offered him a challenge: If Klonoa could defeat the four monsters that were ravaging the Empire, then his execution would be canceled and he would be set free. Joined by his friend Huepow, Klonoa had no choice but to travel to the surrounding lands and battle with the four monsters living there: Chipple, Muzika, Chirin and Medim.

After the last one was defeated, it was discovered that the people who dreamed were turned into monsters by someone from the empire itself. With the help of the three guards from before, Klonoa and Huepow managed to reach Jillius throne room and defeated him, only to discover that his minister, Bagoo, was manipulating him and was the mastermind, while Jillius just left clues in the monsters dreams. With Bagoo defeated, Jillius decided to allow the citizens to dream, while Klonoa and Huepow disappeared back to their worlds.

Klonoa 2: Lunatea's Veil

Klonoa (Lunatea's Veil) (PS2)

Klonoa as he appears in Lunatea's Veil

Klonoa fell through the skies and awoke in Lunatea, where he meets Lolo and Popka who also saved him from drowning. The two directed him towards an island which housed a bell, which Lolo must ring to become a full priestess. With Klonoa's help, the group made their way to the bell and Lolo thought she managed to ring it when it was really Klonoa.

Lolo and Popka took Klonoa to visit Baguji, a wise prophet who foresaw Klonoa's arrival. He explained that the four Kingdoms of Lunatea each house a bell, which maintained harmony throughout Lunatea. However, a fifth bell which didn't belong to any of the kingdoms had appeared. This fifth bell had begun to spread chaos across Lunatea. He asked Klonoa if he would help Lolo and he agreed since she helped him, to her joy. Baguji then instructed them to visit the High Priestess. The High Priestess ordered Lolo to visit and gather the power from each bell in order to contain the evil. The three then set off to visit each bell.

During their journey, the group was often stalked and attacked by Leorina and Tat, who desired the power of the bells for their own purposes. At one point, the trio faced a problem when Tat swiped the Element of Tranquility from Lolo upon their arrival to Joilant. Tat then split herself into two forms of herself, one black and one white, confusing the heroes as they didn't know which Tat had the Element. The two Tats then darted to two parts of Joilant: The black Tat in Jungle Slider and the white Tat in Joilant Fun Park. It doesn't matter which one is followed as the first one won't have the Element. The heroes then go after the other Tat and retrieve the Element.

However, when pursuing the black Tat; they would chase her through the attraction of Jungle Slider and she would taunt Klonoa by stating girls don't like pesky boys like him. Klonoa tried to defend himself before Lolo spoke up and inadvertently revealed a possible crush on Klonoa by stating she liked Klonoa just fine, though she becomes flustered and blushes full red after he noticed her words. Lolo quickly changes the subject by reminding him they have to chase Tat, which Klonoa nervously agrees too.

During their adventure in Volk City, he and the others witnessed Leorina ringing the kingdom's Bell of Discord and summoning its Element, using a fake copy of Klonoa's ring (much to his shock). After they shut down the reactors to prevent the kingdom from being destroyed, Klonoa is relieved the city was saved.

During their trek through the Maze of Memories in Mira-Mira, the group discover mirrors pertaining to one's memories. Klonoa was ushered by Lolo to hurry. However, Klonoa saw something in a large mirror, and it triggered one of Lolo's memories. It was revealed that Lolo was repeatedly taunted by the other priestesses who thought she didn't have what it takes to save the world and called her a 'failure'. The memories faded, and Lolo cried in tears. Seeing this, he tried to comfort her but she rejected this and admitted that she knew she didn't become a priestess on her own, as it is revealed that it was really Klonoa who rang the bell. She admitted that she knew that it was Klonoa's power that got her the title of a full priestess and she just wanted to prove to the ones who taunted her that she could become a priestess. Klonoa tried to comfort her but she turned him away having fallen in sadness, Lolo only spoke up to apologize to Klonoa for dragging him into her selfish desires.

Afterwards, the group left the area before Klonoa noticed Lolo was still depressed, believing that she wasn't qualified to save the world. When Klonoa was challenged by the guardian of the Bell of Indecision to defeat a monster named Polonte the Hatchling, Lolo hesitated, and Klonoa proceeded to fight the monster, knowing that he couldn't use the Wind Bullet without Lolo's help. As Klonoa fought the monster, Popka consoled Lolo for not helping him and soon got her back into her senses. The young priestess then assisted Klonoa against Polonte, and the three heroes earned themselves the Element of Indecision by the Tree of Indecision, who was impressed by their determination.

Leorina became cursed by sorrow, but decided to help Klonoa after he saved her. With the power of the elements, Klonoa opened the gate to the Kingdom of Sorrow, where it was revealed that the King of Sorrow was the one who summoned Klonoa. In the end, the king decided to use Klonoa as a vessel for the pain he suffered in isolation, but was mortally wounded in the battle with Klonoa. Before he died, Klonoa promised the King of Sorrow that the world would remember sorrow, saying they've come too far to give up. Klonoa rang the bell, and the king turned to light and faded away.

Afterwards, he and Lolo then watched Leorina rebuilding the Kingdom of Sorrow, while Popka rests on a tree. Lolo told him that she gave up her rank, so she could earn it by herself and said she would work hard. Klonoa wished her luck in the endeavor and decided that it was time for him to go home. Lolo was disappointed as was Popka, but she remarks that it had to happen soon and told him it'll be okay because he showed her it's okay to cry sometimes. However, she broke down, quickly hugging him and refusing to let him go. Klonoa told her that even though he didn't belong in her world, they'll always be together, and with a final thank you, he walked away, disappearing to other worlds where dreams were in danger.

Klonoa 2: Dream Champ Tournament

World-1 Illustration

Klonoa competing in the tournament

Shortly after Klonoa defeated Bagoo, he received an invitation letter that floated from the sky telling him that he had been selected to compete in the prestigious "Dream Champ Tournament" for the title of "Greatest Hero" as well as a cash reward. After Klonoa finished reading, he was enveloped in bright light and found himself transported inside a gigantic arena alongside several other adventurers. He was confused by this event and wondered what occurred, before he heard someone call out to him and he reunited with his old friends Lolo and Popka. They caught up, as he learned that they were taking part in the competition as well but wished them luck. He also met an arrogant rogue named Guntz, who brushes him off immediately.

The master of ceremonies, and sponsor of the tournament itself, Garlen, made an appearance and informed everyone that they would be paired off in a single-elimination tournament that had them racing across several worlds that he himself created. The first one to reach the end would be the winner and would advance to the next round.

Klonoa's first match was with his old enemy Joka, who tried to bribe the monsters into helping him beat Klonoa who overcame them and won. Sometime in the tournament, Klonoa reunited with his old friend Chipple and introduced him to Lolo and Popka before they all celebrated their victories.

After several rounds, Klonoa met Suiryu, who advised him to not trust Garlen and watch what happened to the loser. Klonoa won and saw that Suiryu and all the others who lost had become gears, realizing Garlen held the tournament only to acquire gears to his planned Mechanical Empire. Klonoa was infuriated by this fact even more so as he was approached by an injured Popka before he watched Lolo being displayed as a captive and the next to be turned into a gear after being defeated by Guntz (who didn't care for what was happening). Klonoa was told if he were to beat Guntz then Garlen would free Lolo, which caused him to accept the challenge to save his friend. He defiantly told Guntz he would take him down as his amused opponent told him to try.

Klonoa and Guntz dueled with Klonoa beating him, before he saw Guntz being swarmed by the Nagapoko and Garlen congratulated Klonoa who demanded for Garlen to free Lolo and do the same for everyone. However, Garlen double-crossed him and tried to make Klonoa into the main gear to power his castle. Fortunately, Guntz had a change of heart and helped free Klonoa, who soon defeated Garlen and freed Lolo. As the castle was destroyed, Klonoa carried a weakened Lolo asking if she was okay, as she thanks him for saving her. Chipple appeared and told Klonoa everyone was back to normal.

KlonoaDC2 07

Klonoa declared champion of the tournament

Suiryu then revealed himself to be an officer investigating Garlen who he took into custody as the latter was breaking down. Guntz then made off with the prize money, but not before giving Klonoa the tournament trophy, causing him to become the champion of the Dream Champ Tournament. Klonoa and his friends celebrate this event as he holds his new trophy.

Klonoa Beach Volleyball

Article post width open-uri20120222-27128-e9g1ab

Klonoa competing in a volleyball game.

Klonoa participated in the volleyball tournament, sponsored by Garlen and Nahatomb, with Chipple as his partner. After winning, he decided to keep on training for the next one. Klonoa became a little too enthusiastic in a friendly match with his friends Popka, Chipple and Heart Moo, putting so much force into the ball that he destroyed a windmill's blade. Klonoa was forced to use the prize money to pay for the damages. In Popka's and Lolo's ending, they go shopping with Klonoa, but ended up wasting the prize money by paying for all the stuff broken by Lolo's clumsiness (Lolo's ending) or expensive clothes for Popka (Popka's ending). In both versions of Garlen's ending, Klonoa lost to him because of the advantage his machine gave him. Klonoa got a machine so they can play again on equal terms and beat Garlen.

Klonoa: Dream Traveller of Noctis Sol

Tumblr mbqiowlkjp1qfv2glo4 500

Klonoa reunites with Huepow in another journey

One night, Klonoa is at his home sleeping, where he reflects on his past journeys and how he met new people who became his friends.

He is soon woken up in the middle of the night by strange noises outside and later finds himself meeting with Huepow, who had summoned him to save Phantomile from invaders called Nighty-Knights, some of which begin to chase the two around an unknown area. The duo manages to escape them, after reaching a safe spot they stop to catch their breath. Klonoa then has Huepow explain to him on where the Nighty Knights came from, as he explains that they came from portals and already took over certain areas.

Klonoa then realizes that if they came from other worlds, they could be anywhere and hopes for the safety of his friends in Lunatea, unaware that they have already begun launching an invasion there. Klonoa and Huepow then infiltrate the Nighty-Knights' home base by sneaking aboard their airship and come across a machine built by Tenebrae Hue that begins opening hundreds of Dream Portals, one of which spews out Popka (who had been searching for Klonoa). Klonoa is shocked to see him and quickly goes to rescue Popka and a battle ensues, before the trio escape. As Klonoa jumped off to catch the Nightmare Missile, Klonoa wanted to leave his ring behind for Popka and Huepow's safety, but both Popka and Huepow insisted Klonoa shouldn't handle it on his own, declaring they're by his side. Touched, Klonoa calls them true friends and they go off to fight, which forces Tenebrae to begin launching a giant Nightmare Missile at Noctis Sol, a mysterious living night-sun.

Klonoa, Popka and Huepow attempt to stop the launch, but fail to do so, which causes the missile to drill into Noctis' surface, releasing the dreams of a million world's all at once. Klonoa, Huepow, and Popka ride the resulting stream of dreams into a place called "Guntzland", where he encounters Guntz, who has at first seemingly lost all his memories of Klonoa, but as it later turns out, they ended up in one of his old dreams, which Guntz later chases them out of. The trio rides the Dream Stream again and ends up in Chipple's dream, where he is a confident boxer, who also doesn't recognize Klonoa. The trio plots out their escape during the match's intermission, but accidentally make him angry, causing him to turn into his monster form.

Klonoa, Huepow and Popka escape back to the Dream Stream and find themselves in a strange, black-and-white world, where they find a fortress guarded by moos. After entering the temple, they find Lolo, who was being held captive by a doppelgänger of Klonoa named Nightmare Klonoa. Confronting his doppelgänger, Klonoa demanded he step away from Lolo and two Klonoa's fought, with Klonoa eventually inflating Nightmare Klonoa and freeing Lolo from her bubble. He worries about her by asking if she was okay but she happily assures him that she's fine.

Klonoa then asked her on what she remembers but she only recalls taking a nap before an invasion, Klonoa soon tells her that she is having a nightmare due to her anxiety and bad emotions eating at her. Hearing this, she briefly worries if they're not really with her but is told they will return with her after she wakes up. With these words, he helps Lolo wake up as he, Huepow and Popka are able to escape the dream to Lunatea.

Once in reality, Klonoa watches as Lolo wakes up and he tells her they made it as he is hugged by an overjoyed Lolo. Lolo states while she is happy that he's back, she recalled the matter at hand, as Klonoa and his friends begin to repel the invading enemies. Klonoa's wind ring is enhanced by Lolo and they are able to push the enemy back.

After repelling the invasion by the Nighty-Knights, Klonoa is greeted and thanked by the High Priestess but he gave Lolo the praise due to her actions, which caused her to get shy and state she was happy to have him back.

The happy moment is short-lived as they are confronted by Tenebrae Hue, who has gathered Noctis' energy and now has the power to control dreams and nightmares. After Klonoa refuses to surrender, Tenebrae summons Chipple, Guntz, and Nightmare Klonoa (much to Klonoa's shock), and commands them to destroy him and his friends.

Shippuu Tengoku Kaze no Klonoa

Many changes are made in this manga, compared to the mainstream series: Klonoa and the Breezegale residents are the major characters, but Klonoa is portrayed as a complete idiot, obsessed with being a hero and causing trouble anywhere he goes (although not on purpose). His sidekick, surprisingly, is not Huepow, but a Moo, who is the postman of Breezegale. Garlen is the main villain, trying to scam or catch Klonoa but failing every time, making a fool of himself in the process.

During the final chapter, a giant monster attacks and when Klonoa tries various inventions of Garlen, they end up failing. When he swallows a pill that could turn him giant, Garlen informs him that since he didn't drink water this puts him at risk of being a bomb with five burps being the signs. As a result, this causes everyone to flee from him, to his dismay. Just as he sulks about his predicament, he sees that Lolo stayed by his side and inquires why, as she confesses her love to him and he is touched by them. After using one of the last burps, Klonoa decides to make the most of his assumed final moments to save the town by destroying the monster to protect the town as a hero. With his last burp, Klonoa destroys the monster and the town honor him as a hero for his act. However, Klonoa survived the explosion and is happy to have finally done something heroic but is dismayed to learn that he has to pay all his debts and runs away as he is chased by the townspeople.


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Klonoa Beach Volleyball


Klonoa, as seen in Beach Volleyball.

  • Type: Power
  • Attack: 3/4
  • Block: 2/4
  • Feint: 1.5/4
  • Receive: 1.5/4
  • Speed: 2/4
  • Diff: 2/4


Namco x Capcom - "Stepping Wind"

Other Appearances


  • Klonoa had playable appearances in Moto GP, Alpine Racer 3 and World Kicks.
  • Klonoa and his rival Guntz from Klonoa Heroes also appear as a playable duo in Namco's cross-over RPG, Namco x Capcom, developed by Monolith Soft. They retain similar moves featured in Klonoa Heroes, such as Klonoa's Thunder Hurricane. Other appearances are made by Lolo, Janga, Joka, the High Priestess and various varieties of Moos.
  • Klonoa is featured in Soulcalibur V as a keychain in his Klonoa 2 appearance. The keychain is a DLC for the Character Creation section of the game.
  • Klonoa appears in Pro Baseball: Famista 2011 for the 3DS and, along with the King of Sorrow, also appears in Famista Dream Match.
  • Klonoa appears in Family Tennis Advance as a super unlockable character for completing a 5-match exhibition.
  • Klonoa is an unlockable character in the PlayStation Portable version of Smash Court 3 but only in the Japanese version of the game. In addition, an image of him may appear on the floor during a match.


  • In Tales of Symphonia, the character Presea Combatir has a hidden costume based off Klonoa's outfit accessed by changing her title to "Dream Traveler". She also has a habit of saying "Wahoo" in a completely deadpan manner while wearing it (this happens during the optional skits and scenes wherein she wears the outfit, she talks normally whilst in battle and these lines are not voiced by her voice actor in the English version of the game. However, if one imports Titles to a New Game, Presea will occasionally say "Wahoo!" as an end-of-battle phrase, but only up until a certain plot event).
  • In Tales of Hearts and Keroro RPG, Klonoa appears as a summon character. Incidentally, both Klonoa and Sgt. Keroro have the same voice actress.
  • In Tales of Vesperia, Klonoa appears in the form of a fellowship statue named (C) F Statue. There is also a Klonoa costume for the character Karol as Downloadable Content in the PS3 version.
  • In Tales of Destiny 2, a Klonoa plushie can be seen at the left side of the character Harold's room.
  • In Ridge Racer 6 and Ridge Racer 7, Klonoa appeared in ads and as a car design. There are also advertisements of him on tracks in R4: Ridge Racer Type 4.
  • Klonoa and Nahatomb's Beach Volleyball design make an appearance in The Bravoman web comic 100th comic special during the heroes vs. villains panel.
    • As mentioned in The Bravoman web comic, Klonoa was supposed to appear in the game Time Crisis 3, but was cut at the last second.
  • Klonoa has also made a cameo in the ShiftyLook Dig Dug comic as one of the crew members wears Klonoa's Lunatea's Veil attire.
  • A Klonoa-themed stadium appears in Family Stadium 2003.
  • Klonoa appears in Tekken 7 as part of downloadable panel art along with other Bandai Namco characters.


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  • In a game magazine interview, Hideo Yoshizawa confirmed that he got his idea of Klonoa from Mario Bros.
  • In terms of favorite foods, hamburgers are Klonoa's favorite food, while he doesn't like carrots.
  • Klonoa's artwork in Pro Famista Baseball 2011 and Famista Dream Match mirrors his artwork from Door to Phantomile and Moonlight Museum respectively, while artwork for his Christmas outfit in Famista Dream Match mirrors artwork for Beach Volleyball.
  • Early artwork shows Klonoa didn't originally wear gloves.
  • Klonoa can't swim as mentioned in Lunatea's Veil, Dream Champ Tournament and Klonoa Heroes.
  • He came in first place for the Dream Champ Tournament, meaning he is the best hero in Dreamworld.
  • Tat, Popka, Balue, Pango, and Guntz seem to notice that Klonoa has a crush on Lolo, while commenting on his protective behavior around her.
  • The opening narrations presented in some installments were actually poems written by Klonoa himself. In addition, one of his poems was featured on the Japanese cover of Door to Phantomile.
  • According to Tsuyoshi Kobayashi, Klonoa is approximately 9 years old (the age of a fourth grader) in Door to Phantomile and approximately 13 years old (the age of an eighth grader) in Lunatea's Veil.[3]
    • In September 6, 2022 (Klonoa Day), Hideo Yoshizawa had confirmed that Klonoa's birthday is December 11 (the day Door to Phantomile was released). He also stated that Klonoa had turned approximately 25 years old on that date.[4]