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Klonoa Beach Volleyball , also known as Klonoa Beach Volley in Japan, is a sports spin-off from Namco's Klonoa video game series released as a budget title in the last few years of the PlayStation's commercial lifespan. Its release was limited to Japan and Europe only. It features characters from the PlayStation and Game Boy Advance games in the series. Klonoa Beach Volleyball is speculated to be non-canonical.

This is also the first Klonoa title to feature a multiplayer mode, allowing up to four players to compete in pairs against the other team. The game also allows for controller sharing, should the players not be in possession of a multi-tap. There would later be a multiplayer mode in Klonoa 2: Lunatea's Veil.

Playable Characters



Klonoa: Having won the prize money, Klonoa decides to have a little bit more with volleyball as he, Heart Moo, Chipple, and Popka have another game. During this other volleyball game however they destroy a windmill, which Klonoa must pay for with his won prize money.

Lolo: After she wins, Lolo decides to take Klonoa and Popka on a shopping spree where she drops most of the stuff she bought, causing Klonoa to pitch in and carry the bags for her, to Lolo's embarrassment. Lolo promises to do better in shopping while Popka notes Klonoa doesn't feel like shopping anymore.

Popka: After Popka wins, he decides that he wishes to dress like a winner causing him to bring Klonoa and Lolo along with him as he tries on different clothes, to Klonoa's annoyance. He then has a flashback to the scarf Lolo gave him in their first meeting, to which he decides he's fine with what he's got. Popka then treats Lolo to lunch, while Klonoa falls after carrying the items.

Joka: Having won the prize money, he brings it to a hideout and attempts to use magic to make more money. In the process he winds up increasing the size of the dollar. He then goes to cash in his money but the store clerk refuses, due to almost being tricked the store clerk calls the police on Joka.

Chipple: As Garlen introduces Chipple as the winner, Chipple does not believe it leading to him doing 3 rematches just to be entirely sure that he won, much to Klonoa's annoyance.

Heart Moo: Heart Moo brings one Moo shaped ball home, causing all other Moos to become jealous.

Tat: Having won the money, Tat tells Leorina that she must keep her promise since she won. Leorina would go as they invaded Bagoos place leaving him at gun point to where he laughs revealing Leorina painted half her body white and blue to match Tat.

Leorina: Garlen refuses to give Leorina the prize money putting her at gunpoint prior to this she says she will just look inside his mansion. Garlen would laugh saying she wouldn't have enough time, so Leorina would snap her fingers as her airship carries Garlen's entire mansion off.



  • This is the first Klonoa game to have English voice acting. However, none of the voice actors are credited in the game's credits. The second game to have English voice acting was Klonoa (Wii).

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