Koof (クーフ Kuuhu) is an antagonist in Klonoa: Moonlight Museum. He is the third of the four artists that Klonoa and Huepow encounter in the museum: a comic book artist that has created a comic titled Laughing Prison.


Koof is a creature with an upper body entirely comprised of one long shape, with his legs tapering by his rather large feet. His hair, torso, and shoes are a navy shade of blue, while his head is green. He has small, pupil-less eyes and wears a white-and-green striped necktie. His arms are black, and white gloves cover his hands. He has a rather jagged mouth, which ends in a large beak-like shape pointed upwards.


Koof is very enthused in his area of work, to the point of what may be considered eccentricity. He appreciates others acknowledging what he considers to be the "wonder" of comics, although he's also willing to force his creations on those who aren't interested. He is somewhat more concise when speaking about things other than his own art, oftentimes simply exclaiming "yes" or "no."


  • In the original Japanese script of Moonlight Museum, Koof does not speak entirely in Japanese: he says "yes" in English and "no" in French.


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