La-Lakoosha, the Kingdom of Tranquility, is a peaceful kingdom that lies at the north of Lunatea and where the The High Priestess resides. It is also where priestesses live and worship the Goddess Claire.


The inhabitants of La-Lakoosha are the closest thing to a normal human, with the exception of their ears and tails.


  • Claire Moa Temple


When the heroes arrive in the Kingdom of Tranquility, Lolo receives her rank of a full-fledged priestess after they rang the Spirit Bell in the Sea of Tears. Afterwards she and Klonoa were given the mission to retrieve the Elements from each of the four Kingdoms of Lunatea. The nearest Bell lies at the Claire Moa Temple in the northern part of La-Lakoosha.

At the Clair Moa Temple, where the Element of Tranquility rested, they encountered Leorina and Tat, and battled their monster, Folgaran the Armour Beast. Once they defeated it, Leorina and Tat fled. Klonoa held the Element in the palm of his hand and had a vision of a voice calling for help.


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