Lolo (ロロ Roro) is a priestess in-training, and is a recurring character who first appears in Klonoa 2: Lunatea's Veil. She is a playable character in Klonoa Beach Volleyball, a competitor in Klonoa 2: Dream Champ Tournament, support character in Klonoa Heroes, and has a minor appearance in Namco x Capcom. She makes her latest appearance in Klonoa: Dream Traveller of Noctis Sol.


Lolo's appearance is the closest to a human in Lunatea, as her only anthropomorphic features are her tail and large ears. She has long bright orange hair that reaches to her back and has purple eyes. She is about the same age as Klonoa and stands near him in height.

She wears a pink hat and dress that has a brooch to symbolize that she is a priestess. She wears a green feather on her hat throughout most of Klonoa 2: Lunatea's Veil, but relinquishes the title at the end of the game in hopes of earning the title on her own. She is seen wearing the feather again in future appearances, suggesting she regain the title of priestess.

In Klonoa: Dream Traveller of Noctis Sol, Lolo looks older now but is still the same height as Klonoa.


During Klonoa 2: Lunatea's Veil, Lolo is shown to be easily excited and clumsy at times. However, she has a kind heart as seen when she helped Klonoa save a city from destruction.

She is fragile and insecure about herself and her abilities. The other priestesses (except The High Priestess) mock and laugh at her failures (as revealed during the cut-scene at the end of the Maze of Memories level) and she fell silent in sadness, though she overcame it with encouragement from Popka. This fragile side was seen again, as she burst into tears after she heard the cruel words of Nightmare Klonoa about nobody caring for her. However, she was relieved and happy to see that wasn't the case after her friends expressed concern for her well-being, which she assured them.

Lolo is shown to be frightened easily by the ghosts in the haunted house of the Joilant Fun Park and becomes verbal about her fears.

She appears to have a shy side as well, which was shown when she got flustered and blushed full red after her possible crush on Klonoa was hinted at once she stated liked him the way he was and covered it up with an excuse after he heard her words. She was also this way when Klonoa gave her powers praise in Dream Traveller of Noctis Sol and could only say how happy she was to see him again.

In time after her adventure with Klonoa, she has gathered more courage as seen in Klonoa 2: Dream Champ Tournament. She tells Klonoa about her new-found strength and performs well in Garlen's tournament, to Klonoa's surprise and amazement. She also did not hesitate to insult Guntz after he behaved very rudely towards her and Popka. This confident side was seen again after she took charge in Klonoa: Dream Traveller of Noctis Sol and helped her friends in defeating the invaders.


Lovely Attack

Lolo's Special Attack in Klonoa Beach Volleyball. A pink light and hearts surround her as she hits the ball over the net. Afterwards, her opponent is sucked in by the light.

Ring's Power Source

In Klonoa 2: Lunatea's Veil, she serves as the ring's power source, and it cannot function without her to assist in its use.


Klonoa 2: Lunatea's Veil


Lolo as seen in Klonoa 2 Lunatea's Veil

Lolo and Popka were at the Sea of Tears when Klonoa arrived, having heard of the prophecy of his arrival Baguji foretold. She and Popka rescued Klonoa, they were present when he woke up. Lolo introduced herself and learned the dream traveler was named Klonoa. When seeing as monsters were starting to appear in the area, Klonoa was told to get to the island where the statue Goddess Claire was at the middle of the Sea. Upon arriving on the island, Klonoa used his Wind Bullet to ring the Spirit Bell to which Lolo was happy about. Popka explained to Klonoa that priestesses with enough spirtual power could make the bell ring. Ringing the spirit bell would make a priestess-in-training, such as Lolo, a full-fledged priestess. Lolo celebrated with Popka (much to his discomfort), and then the trio made their way to Baguji's Island.

There, Lolo introduced Klonoa to the seer, Baguji, and he told Klonoa, Popka, and Lolo about the danger of the fifth kingdom that was going to rise, bringing the world to ruin. When Baguji asked Klonoa if he would help Lolo in her journey, Lolo looked at him for his answer before becoming excited when he agreed to help her save the world since he wanted to repay her as she was the one who saved him. Along with Klonoa and Popka, Lolo returned to the Kingdom of La-Lakoosha to see the  High Priestess, telling her that she wished to save the world and that she rang the Spirit Bell at the Sea of Tears. The High Priestess granted Lolo the rank of a full-fledged Priestess, and appointed a mission to the heroes to gather the Elements of each of the four Kingdoms in Lunatea.

Lolo later faced a problem when Tat swiped the Element of Tranquility from her upon their arrival to Joilant. Tat then split herself into two forms of herself, one black and one white, confusing the heroes as they didn't know which Tat had the Element. The two Tats then darted to two parts of Joilant: The black Tat in Jungle Slider and the white Tat in Joilant Amusement Park. It doesn't matter which one is followed as the first one won't have the Element. The heroes then go after the other Tat and retrieve the element.

However, when pursuing the black tat; they would chase her through the attraction of Jungle Slider and she would taunt Klonoa by stating girls don't like pesky boys like him. Lolo's possible crush on Klonoa is hinted at as she would firmly state that it doesn't matter if he's pesky as she liked Klonoa just fine, but she becomes flustered and blushes full red after he noticed her words. She quickly changes the subject by reminding him they have to chase Tat, which he nervously agrees too.

During their adventure in Volk City, she and the others witnessed Leorina ringing the kingdom's Bell of Discord and summoning its Element, using a fake copy of Klonoa's ring (much to her shock).  After they shut down the reactors to prevent the kingdom from being destroyed, Lolo wonders how Leorina was able to accomplish such a task (she would later learn from the High Priestess that Leorina was once a priestess herself under the name "Leo", who abandoned her title in a haste-driven quest for power).

During their trek through the Maze of Memories in Mira Mira, Lolo was shown to be in a hurry, not wanting to take a look at the mirrors that showed the memories of the past. However, Klonoa saw something in a large mirror, and it triggered one of Lolo's memories. It was revealed that Lolo was taunted by the other priestesses who thought she didn't have what it takes to save the world and called her a 'failure'. The memories faded, and Lolo cried in tears. She admitted that she knew she didn't become a priestess on her own, as it is revealed it was Klonoa who rang the bell. She admitted that she knew that it was Klonoa's power that got her the title of a full priestess and she just wanted to prove to the ones who taunted her that she could become a priestess. Klonoa tried to comfort her but she turned him away having fallen in sadness, Lolo only spoke up to apologize to Klonoa for dragging him into her selfish desires.

Afterwards, Lolo became depressed, still saddened that she wasn't qualified to save the world. When Klonoa was challenged by the guardian of the Bell of Indecision to defeat a monster named Polonte the Hatchling, Lolo hesitated, and Klonoa proceeded to fight the monster, knowing that he couldn't use the Wind Bullet without Lolo's help. As Klonoa fought the monster, Popka consoled Lolo for not helping him, calling her a fool for giving up and not continuing to try. He noted on Klonoa, a person not from their world whose trying his hardest to save it from destruction. Lolo recovered from her depression, and wondered if Klonoa would forgive her for not helping him earlier, to which Popka replied that helping him now wouldn't hurt. The young priestess then assisted Klonoa against Polonte, and the three heroes earned themselves the Element of Indecision by the Tree of Indecision, who was impressed by their determination.

In the ending, it was revealed that she gave up the title of a full Priestess and aimed to earn the title on her own as she smiled at her choice and Klonoa supported her. Klonoa prepared to leave the world of Lunatea, as Lolo was sad as she realized he'd have to go back to his own world and was calm and stated it was alright. However, her feelings were exposed as she broke down in tears and hugged him, refusing to let him go. Klonoa reassured Lolo that even when he leaves Lunatea, they will always be together. Lolo gently wiped her tears, and she and Popka watched happily as Klonoa disappeared from their world.

Klonoa Dream Champ Tournament

World 2 Illustration

Lolo in Dream Tournament.

Lolo and Popka were on an errand before they found a letter that teleported them and they appeared as contestants for the dream tournament. They saw that they weren't the only ones as others were chosen, before they spotted and called out to Klonoa who also joined.

The reunited friends caught up, as Lolo tells Klonoa that she got stronger since their last meeting and will prove it to him as he gave an impressed comment.

After the first round, it is revealed Lolo did very well though Popka stated he helped her in succeeding in most of her matches, to her embarrassment. Lolo later met Klonoa's old friend Chipple and they became friends as well before the next round started.

She soon spoke with Guntz who acted rude towards her by insulting her, Lolo called him a jerk as he smugly walked away.

After losing her next match to Guntz, she was kidnapped by Garlen and was shown captured to Klonoa on a monitor, much to Klonoa's fury. Garlen told the angry hero that she was going to be made into a gear by him but offered Klonoa the chance to save her should he become champion.

At the end, Lolo is saved by Klonoa who carries her in her weakened state and asked if she was okay but she only replies by thanking him for his actions.

Lolo watches as Suiryu then revealed himself to be an officer investigating Garlen who he took into custody after he was breaking down. Guntz made off with the prize money but not before giving Klonoa the tournament trophy causing him to become the champion of the Dream Champ Tournament. Lolo celebrated Klonoa's status as the best hero.

Klonoa Beach Volleyball

Lolo paricipated in the Beach Volleyball Tournament along with Popka. If she wins, Lolo takes Klonoa and Popka on a shopping trip with her prize money, but ends up breaking almost everything she touches.

Klonoa Heroes

Lolo appears as a NPC, where she is still a priestess-in-training. In an alternate universe, she was to train at the sky temple and Klonoa wanted to give her a present before he went on his journey as she made him promise to return safely before he gives the item to her, which he does. Later on, Lolo was about to head for the temple as Klonoa returned and she noticed his condition but he assured her he was fine. After he returned, Klonoa then gave her the present the Hikari Sakura, a flower said to give good luck. Lolo was surprised by the flower and becomes touched after Klonoa explained his reasons for getting it.

She was kidnapped by Joka and Janga to be turned into nightmare energy to resurrect Nahatomb. After the defeat of Nahatomb, Klonoa rescued an unconscious Lolo, who wouldn't wake, despite Klonoa calling her name. She was then reawakened by the power of the Hikari Sakura that Klonoa had with him and smiled as she brought up their promised to return home, much to Klonoa's joy.

The friends returned to Lunatea along with the three heroes. Once there, she was reunited with Popka, and in the credits, the two were on their way back to the Sky Temple.

Shippuu Tengoku Kaze no Klonoa

In the non-canon manga, she appears as a recurring character and often tells Klonoa and Moo about situations. She is sometimes the recipient of an unfortunate event but is fine in the end.

She shows feelings for Klonoa by being amused from certain antics of his, that she finds cute. In the final chapter, a giant monster attacks and when Klonoa swallows a pill that puts him at risk of being a bomb this causes everyone to flee from him, but she stays by his side. After he inquires why, she confesses her love to him and he uses his assumed final moments to save the town by destroying the monster. Lolo is scared but amazed by his act, since he protected the townspeople. However, she is extremely relieved to see him alive but chases him since he owed her money.

Klonoa: Dream Traveller of Noctis Sol

Capture 1

Lolo in Klonoa Dream traveler of Noctis sol

As swarms of Nighty-Knights began invading Lunatea, Lolo along with Popka and High Priestess witnessed this. As High Priestess already gave up on hope on fighting them, Lolo encouraged her teacher. High Priestess then told Lolo and Popka ring the Bell of Tranquility and find someone to help them, but Lolo wanted to stay at her side, so she instructed Popka to go and find help. After he agreed, she rang the bell and sent him through the portal.

Later on, Popka finds Klonoa and they are sent to a black and white world, where they witnessed Lolo being imprisoned in a bubble by an evil version of Klonoa named Nightmare Klonoa, who taunted the crying girl that he (posing as the real Klonoa) won't come back for her as nobody cared for her. His cold words cause her to believe him, as a result Lolo falls into a sad depression and cries before Popka appears, surprising her.

Lolo tries to get Popka to leave, since she believed nobody cared for her but he tells her that he and Klonoa have come to free her. She tearfully tells him that Klonoa left and will never return for them however, Popka points out the real Klonoa who engages in battle with Nightmare Klonoa for her sake. Lolo then realizes Klonoa is truly back and is overjoyed at his return. After Klonoa repels his doppelgänger, Lolo is soon freed by him, while happily telling her worried friends she's alright. She is asked what she remembers but she only recalls taking a nap before an invasion, Klonoa soon tells her that she is having a nightmare due to her anxiety and bad emotions eating at her. Hearing this, she briefly worries if they're not really with her but is told they will return with her after she wakes up. With these words, Lolo then begins to wake up as her friends cling to her and they return to Lunatea.

Once in reality, she wakes up to her smiling friends watching over her before she happily hugs Klonoa due to his return. She then realized the matter at hand, she and her friends begin to repel the invading enemies. When Huepow revealed he was weakened from the travels, Lolo reveals as Priestess she could use her power to enhance Klonoa's wind ring and they push the enemy back. She and Klonoa rush inside in the tower to regroup. The High Priestess then arrives complimenting Klonoa but he gave Lolo the praise due to her actions, which caused her to get shy and state she was happy to have him back.

The happy moment is short-lived as they are confronted by Tenebrae Hue, who has gathered Noctis' energy and now has the power to control dreams and nightmares. After Klonoa refuses to surrender, Tenebrae summons Chipple, Guntz, and Nightmare Klonoa (much to Klonoa's shock), and commands them to destroy Klonoa and his friends...




Klonoa is one of her good friends who once saved her world. It is hinted that she has romantic feelings for him.

She and Popka are the first people to meet Klonoa when he arrives in Lunatea and they go on a quest. During the course of Lunatea's Veil, Lolo developed a strong friendship with Klonoa and grew to admire him. This could also be thought of as romantic on her side, due to the fact when Tat remarks about Klonoa being pesky, Lolo stated it didn't matter as she liked him just fine. However, she becomes extremely embarrassed and blushes full red when Klonoa noticed her words and she quickly changed the subject as he nervously agrees to it. Also, when he saw her memories of being mocked by her fellow priestesses and her becoming sad from them, he tried to comfort her but she turned him away. Lolo only apologized to him about using his powers to advance and said nothing more. Klonoa continued to worry for her and defended her from the old tree's remarks. Popka spoke to Lolo and remarked she and Klonoa were alike in not giving up as she realized he was right and wondered if Klonoa would forgive her for not helping. Klonoa was happy when she regained her confidence and helped him, reconciling their friendship. At the end of the game, she tells Klonoa she has given up her priestess status just so she can obtain it on her own and he wishes her luck in this endeavor. As Klonoa prepared to leave Lunatea, she is sad about this as she reflects this had to happen soon. At first, she is calm but breaks into tears and runs at Klonoa, hugging him and refusing to let him go. Her reason further shows her feelings for him as she didn't want him to leave her. Though he is sad as well, Klonoa assures her they'll always be together no matter what and thanks her for being his friend. Accepting he has to leave, Lolo calms herself and happily watched him leave Lunatea.

In Dream Champ Tournament, they are reunited and Lolo was happy to see him at the tournament and called out to him for his attention. Klonoa was also excited to see her again and they were able to catch up before the tournament. She wanted to impress Klonoa by showing that she got stronger, since their last encounter and her efforts are successful after she advances in the tournament earning her praise from him, much to her joy. When she is put in danger by Garlen, Klonoa was angered to see this and goes out of his way to save her and is shown carrying her after he manages to defeat Garlen. Her possible feelings for him may have deepened, as her only reaction to his question about her well being is gratitude at his rescue of her from a terrible fate. At the end, she is gathered with him after he is officially declared the tournament's champion.

In her ending of Klonoa Beach Volleyball, she was originally going to treat Klonoa and Popka to shopping but ultimately keeps dropping the objects, resulting in Klonoa deciding to carry the bags for her. The embarrassed Lolo promised to do better in her shopping, for inconveniencing him with her act.

In Klonoa Heroes, while her feelings for him are hinted, Klonoa's feelings for her were hinted at in his adventure here. He picks a flower as a present for her and tries to give it to her before he goes on his journey. However, Lolo was worried about the danger he'd face and tells him to give him the present once he returns and has him promise to do so. Klonoa tried to assure her but she insists he make the promise, seeing her worry he agrees to it. After he returns, Klonoa then gave her the present the Hikari Sakura, a flower that is said to give good luck. Lolo was surprised by the flower and becomes touched after Klonoa explained his reasons for getting it. Klonoa also cares the most out of the three for Lolo's safety, screaming in anger when Janga took her away to the moon. Lolo was confident Klonoa wouldn't lose to Janga or Garlen but became worried for his safety after Garlen made threats. She also look at the Hikari Sakura and reflected on Klonoa giving it to her. Klonoa goes out of his way to save her and is happy to save her from Garlen but worried when she doesn't wake up even screaming her name. After she does awake, she reminds him of their promise to return together and they smile at each other. From this display, it could be implied that Lolo truly likes Klonoa and he feels the same for her and may not know it himself.

In Namco High, Lolo begins the game feeling like she and Klonoa have unintentionally grown apart, as she grew a cynical attitude and gave up her priestess hood. She also developed an inferiority complex due to his ears, which she tries to hide.

During Shippuu Tengoku Kaze no Klonoa, she shows feelings for Klonoa by being amused from certain antics of his, that she finds cute. In the final chapter, a giant monster attacks and when Klonoa swallows a pill that puts him at risk of being a bomb this causes everyone to flee from him, but she alone stays by his side. After he inquires why, she confesses her love to him and he is touched by the words. He also uses his assumed final moments to save the town by destroying the monster, as Lolo is scared but amazed by his act. However, she is relieved to see him alive but chases him since he owed her money, though still shows feelings for him.

In the events of Klonoa: Dream Traveller of Noctis Sol, Lolo continues to show strong (and possibly affectionate) feelings for Klonoa as she sent Popka to find him when Lunatea was in danger. After Klonoa, Popka, and Huepow make their way into Lolo's nightmare and eventually find her captured by the nightmare counterpart of Klonoa, who nearly broke her spirits. When Popka showed up saying he and Klonoa are going to save her, she sadly states that Klonoa left them and was never coming back until Popka pointed out the real Klonoa who was fighting for her sake as she cries out of happiness to be reunited with her friend. She is freed by him and after getting out of the bubble, she holds his hand of out joy, while blushing that its really him. She is also touched by his worry for her as she assures him that she is alright. In return, he assured her that he was going with her as they head back to the Lunatea, he even swore not to leave her side again as he clung to her. Once in Lunatea, she wakes up to her smiling friends and hugs Klonoa, being overjoyed to see him again as Huepow pointed out that Lolo's connection to Klonoa was what made it possible for them to follow her to reality. They worked together in facing the Nighty Knights and she was seen smiling while holding his hand after getting rid of the invaders. She was also very shy after he gave her praise for her actions and thanked him for it before she got overjoyed and told him how good it was to have him back. This was another sign of her affections for him. When they are confronted by Tenebrae Hue, Klonoa has Lolo stand behind him to protect her from danger.


Popka is Lolo's best friend, with Lolo being the one who gave him the bandana that he currently wears.

In Klonoa 2: Lunatea's Veil, Lolo and Popka are the very first people who find Klonoa at the Sea of Tears. When Lolo felt down for not being a proper priestess worthy to save anything, Popka got irritated with her by calling her a fool for giving up and not continuing to try. He noted on Klonoa, a person not from their world whose trying his hardest to save it from destruction. This was most likely his way of consoling Lolo, as she recovered from her depression though playfully got mad at him for his words.

In Klonoa 2 Dream Champ Tournament, they continued to stick together as they competed as a team in the Dream Champ Tournament. They were both excited to reunite with Klonoa. Popka looked out for Lolo especially due to Guntz's rudeness. They defeat Zweegle together and Popka was somewhat annoyed by Lolo taking credit for him helping her, to her embarrassment. Despite that, Popka was worried for her safety after he was hurt by Guntz which allowed the latter to take Lolo to Garlen but was happy Klonoa freed her from the villain.

In Klonoa: Dream Traveller of Noctis Sol, as Lunatea was being invaded she entrusts Popka to find Klonoa which he promised to do so. He later finds her being held captive by Nightmare Klonoa and was concerned for her as Klonoa fought off his doppelgänger. Lolo was surprised to see Popka, she tried to get him to leave but Popka refused and assured her that he and Klonoa will free her, though she doubted this because of her spirit being broken. She is persuaded after seeing he was successful in getting Klonoa. Popka also asked if she was alright being freed and she appreciated his worry by assuring him that she's fine.

High Priestess

The High Priestess is Lolo's teacher, who Lolo highly respects for her encouragement.

In Lunatea's Veil, The High Priestess shows care for her as she tells Klonoa to look after Lolo. Unlike the other priestesses that mock her, High Priestess believes in Lolo and looks out for her.

In Klonoa Heroes, they are once again seen together at the Sky Temple before Lolo is kidnapped.

In Namco x Capcom, the pair are shown together talking before Janga and Joka attack the Sky Temple as Klonoa and Guntz arrive a tad late to rescue the both of them.

In Klonoa: Dream Traveller of Noctis Sol, when Lunatea was being invaded, High Priestess instructs for her pupil to run since it is hopeless. However, Lolo refuses to leave her teacher's side, while also encouraging her and sending Popka to find help. High Priestess was proud of Lolo for getting help from Klonoa to stop the invasion of Nighty-Knights.


Chipple is one of Lolo's new friends in her adventures.

She and Chipple met in Dream Champ Tournament, they got along since they were both friends with Klonoa. Despite being rivals in the games, they were relatively on good terms as she was sad that he lost his match.

During Klonoa Heroes, they are still friendly as Lolo mentioned him when going to the sky temple and he wished her luck.


In Dream Champ Tournament, Guntz was considered as one of her rivals and though she greeted him politely he arrogantly looked down on her. Due to his taunting and views, Lolo called him a jerk and told him she wouldn't lose in the tournament. This dislike led up to their clash which she lost and she was turned over to Garlen but he paid her situation no mind as he stated she wouldn't of gotten capture if she wasn't weak. It appears after Garlen was defeated that their status turned to a neutral standing between them.


They met in Klonoa Heroes and she was surprised to see him with Klonoa.

They met again in Klonoa: Dream Traveller of Noctis Sol, he helped Klonoa in fighting off Nightmare Klonoa after they found him causing Lolo to cry. After Klonoa managed to inflate and temporarily suspend his dark doppelgänger before liberating a happy Lolo. Huepow was worried for her, offering to get water for her but she kindly turned his offer down as she was alright. Once Lolo woke up from her nightmare, Huepow was impressed as he pointed out that Lolo's connection to Klonoa was what made it possible. Lolo helped Huepow in powering up the wind ring and they repelled the Nighty-Knights.



In Dream Champ Tournament, she participates in his tournament and nearly makes it to the semi-finals. However, the tournament turned out to be a ruse for Garlen to turn everyone to gears to power his empires. Lolo in particular, was used as bait by him to get Klonoa to fight with his best. Lolo was saved by Klonoa and watched as Garlen was arrested.

Throughout Klonoa Heroes, Garlen has Lolo captured, attempting to use her power to reawaken Nahatomb which he accomplishes. Garlen was shown to not care about her pain as he continued on with the ritual. In the end, Lolo was saved by Klonoa.

Nightmare Klonoa

He masqueraded as the real Klonoa and trapped Lolo in a bubble in the world of her nightmare. He told her nobody would come for her and took pleasure in her tears. Lolo sadly believed the nightmare Klonoa's words thinking the real Klonoa wouldn't return but Popka arrived and pointed out the real Klonoa who was fighting his doppelgänger for her sake. She moved passed her depression and happily watched as Klonoa repelled the fake before they returned to Lunatea.

Lolo was later sad and worried to see the nightmare Klonoa again as he invaded Lunatea with Guntz and Chipple.

Tenebrae Hue

They met in Klonoa: Dream Traveller of Noctis Sol, he ordered the Nighty-Knights to invade Lunatea. This made her send Popka to retrieve Klonoa for his help in stopping the threat.

They meet formally in Lunatea where Hue reveals his intentions of conquering the dream world and she watches him order Klonoa to surrender. Lolo was safeguarded by Klonoa who refused and witnessed Hue unleashed Guntz, Chipple and Nightmare Klonoa to destroy Klonoa.

Other Appearances

  1. Lolo appears in Namco x Capcom
  2. Lolo is a student in Namco High

Beach Volleyball Stats

Kya rec

Lolo, Popka and Tat.

Type: Balance
  • Attack: 1/4
  • Block: 3.5/4
  • Feint: 1/4
  • Receive: 4/4
  • Speed: 2/4
  • Diff: 1/4


  • It's possible that Lolo was recycled from a scrapped character from Klonoa: Door to Phantomile.
  • It was mentioned in Klonoa: Dream Traveller of Noctis Sol, that she is an official priestess now. It is unknown when she became one.
  • She appears to be a cat like creature, similar to Klonoa.
  • She came in third place for the Dream Tournament, meaning she is the third best hero.