Lunatea Map
"There is a forgotten dream. Was it a dream I can't remember? Or a dream I won't remember? Have I forgotten the dream, or has the dream forgotten me? But surely, there was a dream..."
—Introduction, Klonoa 2: Lunatea's Veil

Lunatea is the world where Klonoa 2: Lunatea's Veil takes place in.


Originally when the world was in harmony, the inhabitants of Lunatea used move freely between the kingdoms, but eventually isolated themselves into their respective realms until the events of Lunatea's Veil.

During Klonoa: Dream Traveller of Noctis Sol, Lunatea came under invasion by Tenebrae Hue and the Nighty-Knights.


Lunatea is composed of five kingdoms, and each of them contains a bell housing its element:

  • La-Lakoosha, the Kingdom of Tranquility, is a peaceful kingdom that lies at the north of Lunatea and where The High Priestess resides.
  • Joilant, the Kingdom of Joy, is a kingdom to the south of Lunatea and resembles an amusement park.
  • Volk, the Kingdom of Discord, which lies to the west, is constantly at war for reasons unknown.
  • Mira-Mira, the Kingdom of Indecision, is secluded and snowbound all year long.
  • Hyuponia, The Kingdom of Sorrow , was separated from the rest of the kingdoms due to the people of Lunatea forgetting sorrow.

Other Locations

  • Baguji's Island is a tiny plot of land near a waterfall that is central in the world, where the seer Baguji resides.
  • Ishras Ark, located in the Lake of Seclusion near La-Lakoosha. It is a gigantic, bird-like ark that serves as the only means of reaching Mira-Mira.


  • This is the most frequent visited world Klonoa has been to, as he goes there in Klonoa 2: Lunatea's Veil and Klonoa: Dream Traveller of Noctis Sol.

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