The Maze of Memories is a place where the memories of others can be watched in Mira-Mira

It is a shirine to the inhabiting Mira-Mirans who claim to never leave the maze and only stay inside to watch precious memories. The maze is full of strange ornaments and mirrors, some of which have shattered(Hazard).

The maze works in a strange manner appearing to have a double gravity (when seen from outside it seems to float and is perfectly, vertically symmetrical) which Klonoa can switch between by standing in certain marked spots. There is no real way to get lost in the maze but the complex design often has you running in circles in the same room trying to solve the various puzzles. At the end of the maze there is a huge mirror which houses one of Lolo's memories. Upon reviewing the memories, she breaks down, screaming, causing the mirror to shatter.



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