Mira-Mira is the Kingdom of Indecision in Klonoa 2: Lunatea's Veil. It is snowbound all year long there and the inhabitants that live in the village are secluded in the Maze of Memories to re-watch the memories they cherish.


Mira-Mira is located in the northwest of Lunatea. It snows all year long there. There is a city, a building called the Maze of Memories, and beyond it, lies the Indecision Pass.


Mira-Mira is inhabited by tall, rabbit-like creatures. Many of which spend all their time in the Maze of Memories reliving their pasts; the others inhabit a village which Klonoa passes through on the first level of the kingdom. There is also an old talking tree who guards the Bell of Indecision; anyone who wishes to reach it must prove their worth by fighting Polonte the Hatchling.


After losing the Element of Discord to Leorina, Klonoa, Lolo, and Popka turn to Baguji for guidance. He tells them that the next Element is in Mira-Mira, the Kingdom of Indecision. Since Baguji tells them that Mira-Mira is isolated and virtually impossible to reach, they activate the Ishras Ark to take them there.

When they arrive, they make their way to the Indecision Pass. They pass through the Maze of Memories, where Lolo's troubled past is revealed. When she was training, the other priestesses would insult Lolo for being a failure. Lolo becomes depressed, feeling useless. When they arrive at the Indecision Pass, the old tree guarding the Bell of Indecision mandates that Klonoa must pass a test before he can have the Element. Klonoa is forced to fight Polonte the Hatchling, but Lolo is too depressed to enter the Ring. As a result, Klonoa is unable to use the Wind Bullet. As Klonoa battles Polonte, Popka scolds Lolo for not helping Klonoa, and she gets over her sadness. Klonoa is able to defeat the monsters with Lolo's help. The talking tree is duly impressed, and allows the trio to take the Element.


  • Mira-Mira sounds almost like the words Mirror Mirror. It is more evident, since the most unusual place in Mira-Mira is the Maze of Memories where thousands of mirrors that contains memories are displayed.

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