Mobile Tank Biskarsh is a Volkan guard robot, and the third boss monster Klonoa encounters in Klonoa 2: Lunatea's Veil. The robot was created to protect the Bell of Discord from intruders in Volk Hall within the Kingdom of Volk, and identified Klonoa as an enemy.


Biskarsh encountered Klonoa, Lolo, and Popka in Volk Hall where the Bell of Discord resided. It saw them as intruders (perhaps due to them having just stated their plans to take the Element) and battled against them, eventually falling to the Dream Traveler's might.

However, while Klonoa was making his way to the reactors in Volk City, Biskarsh resurfaced from underground, having survived its battle with the Dream Traveler. Now bent on destroying Klonoa, Biskarsh chased the Dream Traveler down through the warring and burning city. Eventually, when it seemed Biskarsh had cornered Klonoa between itself and an incoming train, Klonoa dropped below the tracks and dangled below unharmed while Biskarsh and the train heavily collided, putting the tank out of commission and damaging the locomotive.


Klonoa 2 - Volk Hall (Biskarsh)

Klonoa 2 - Volk Hall (Biskarsh)

Boss battle sequence

Biskarsh's only weak point is a vent on the top of its "head", which is normally out of reach. To hit it, Klonoa must use his wind bullets to grab Flying Moos and then use the pair of jump pads in the small arena to leap high into the air. Once Biskarsh is below him, he must time his attack and throw the Moo down at Biskarsh to hit him in his weak point, damaging him.

Biskarsh has three attacks: At first it will only try and body slam Klonoa, which he can either jump over or run underneath with enough timing. As it takes damage however, it will begin to launch pairs of homing missiles that will seek the Dream Traveler out; these will only last a few seconds before exploding however. Jumping makes them have trouble following him as well making them even easier to avoid. Biskarsh's final attack will have it fly off into the background and extend two long poles where wheels will expand from and it will make its way back towards the battle arena. This leaves no space to maneuver and the only way to avoid this attack is to use a jump pad.


  • Biskarsh's name is spelled as "Biscarsh" in the soundtrack.
  • The strategy of catching Moos and using springs to jump high in the air to throw the enemy at the top of the boss is a very similar technique to the one used to defeat Gelg Bolm, a boss in the first game in the series, Klonoa: Door to Phantomile.