Momett (モメット Mometto) is a Jolian from Klonoa 2: Lunatea's Veil. He is Voiced by Mike Pollock in the English version & Katsumi Totaka in the Japanese version. He is the showman of the Momett House in Joilant, where Klonoa can use a time attack against bosses previously defeated, view unlocked pictures, and listen to music. When Klonoa enters Momett House for the first time, he asks Klonoa if he can find and bring back the Memory Dolls he created, which ran away wanting more memories. After obtain a certain amount of dolls, he opens the secret stage Chamber o' Fun, and after collecting all of them the stage Chamber o' Horrors.

Klonoa Heroes: Densetsu no Star Medal

Momett runs the Momett House in Jugkettle Sea, which contains a boss time attack. The game also contains dolls, but they belong to Mamett instead.

Klonoa Beach Volleyball

Momett has a cameo appearance in Joka's ending, were only his arm and shadow are shown. Momett is the shop manager that refuses Joka's money, which he believes to be fake due to Joka mistakenly stretching his prize money.

Shippuu Tengoku Kaze no Klonoa

In one of the stories from volume 1, Klonoa tries to make Jillius sleep by reading a story for him, but Klonoa took a story about an old man (Momett) that became a zombie and started attacking other people, which angers Jillius and the Moo. A picture shows the zombie Momett attacking one of his dolls.


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