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A common red Moo

Moos (ムゥ) are the common main enemies in the Klonoa series. They're oblivious cat-like creatures with a cute smile and big eyes that slowly waddle along paths. They can also be used by Klonoa for double jumps, or throwing at other enemies. 

Moos come in a variety of colors: the red Moos have no attacks and simply walk away, the green Moos have wings for arms to fly, and some Moos are shielded by silver, gold, or black armor. Although their population is widely spread apart, they seem to have only one leader, Heart Moo. This may be because they are so easygoing, as seen in their fighting style. They don't seem to be so bright either.

In the crossover game, Namco X Capcom, the Moos are creatures from the Phantom World that make "moo" noises. The Moos present in the game are the standard Moo, Giant Moo, Shield Moo, Giant Shield Moo, and the silver and gold Armored Moo. Their fighting style are slashing or slapping. They are voiced by Eriko Kigawa.

List of Moos

  • Giant Moo (ジャイアントムゥ) - Large-sized Moos. Shield Moo, Armored Moo, and the Spooky Moo also have giant versions as well.
  • Flying Moo (フラムゥ) - Green Moos with wings for hands and bird like feet.
  • Shield Moo (たてムゥ) - Yellow Moos with shields.
  • Armored Moo (よろいムゥ) - A Moo clad in armor. There is also a gold variant.
  • Spear Moo (やりムゥ) - Moos with spears.
  • Spring Moo (ムゥホッピン) - Hopping Moos has a shielded and armored variant.
  • Monkey Moo (ムゥマンキー) - Monkey-like Moos.
  • Spooky Moo (化けムゥ) - Light Pink Moo from Joilant's haunted house.
  • Lancer Moo (やりムゥ) - Very similar to Spear Moo but carries the Lance/Spear [1] separate from the shield.
  • Volk Moo (ボルクムゥ) - A helmet wearing Moo from Volk.
  • Nemo Moo (ネモムウ) - A Type of Moo that appears in the King of Sorrow boss fight.
  • Death Moo (デスムゥ) - Eyeless Moos with a skeletal like mouth.
  • Heart Moo (ハートムゥ) - A normal looking Moo with green bandanna.
  • Conductor Moo (しゃしょームゥ) - Moos from the Northern Express.
  • Moo Boarder (ムゥボーダーズ) - Moos riding Float Boards.
  • Rare Moo (レアムゥ) - A rare Moo with a gem.
  • Mummy Moo - Moos from the Eastern Desert.
  • Pirate Moo - Moos from the Southern Resort.
  • Gear Moo - Moos from Garlen's Castle.