Namco × Capcom (ナムコ クロス カプコン, Namuko Kurosu Kapukon) (also referred to as Namco Cross Capcom) is an action RPG/tactical RPG hybrid game for the Playstation 2 console, developed by Monolith Soft and featuring characters from games produced by companies Namco and Capcom.

In this game, Klonoa, along with Gantz, appears as an ally to the main protagonists, Rejji and Xiaomu, and aids them in their mission to stop the Ouma organization who, along with villains from other worlds, is trying to fuse the various worlds with the real world. Klonoa is voiced by Kumiko Watanabe while Gantz is voiced by Takahiro Sakurai.

Darkstalker's character Felicia bonds with Klonoa claiming that "long haired felines must stick together" and they both try to do the same with Tekken's character, King, who (as part of a running gag) tries to explain them over and over that he is just a normal human wearing a jaguar mask, and his hair is SHORT. Other characters include, Lolo (who is not voiced), The High Priestess (who is also not voiced), Joka (voiced by Toshiro Furukawa), Janga (voiced by Nobuyuki Hiyama), Moos and Glibz.


  • Klonoa Heroes in NxC

    Gantz and Klonoa in game

    Although artwork for Klonoa shows him holding the Wind Ring in his right hand, he holds it in his left hand in-game. A similar case happens with other characters in the game.
  • Joka's role as Druaga's servant in the game is similar to (and may even be a reference to) his role a Ghadius' servant in Door to Phantomile.
  • Many of Klonoa and Gantz's attacks are similar to the ones they use in Klonoa Heroes.
  • Moos and Glibz are often referred to as 'Phantom Beasts' in dialogue. They are still referred to as 'Moos' and 'Glibz' during gameplay.
  • Lolo and The High Priestess are the only two Klonoa series characters to not be voiced in the game, likely due to them only appearing in non-voiced events.
  • A recurring gag is Klonoa getting mad whenever he is called a 'little kid' or a 'baby', usually by Guntz or one of the villains.
  • Although they don't appear, Klonoa and Gantz are subtly referenced by Chiziru Urashima in Project X Zone 2 (which, along with it's predecessor, serves as a sequel to Namco X Capcom, at least in terms of plot) when she states various "creatures" helped Reiji and Xiaomu defeat Ouma, recalling the events of Namco X Capcom.
  • Unused text in the game's files suggest that the game originally had 47 main chapters instead of 45.
  • A manga based on the game was also released.
  • The game never released outside of Japan, however, a fan-made translation patch does exist, and can be applied to play the game in English, however there are a number of errors, such as spelling mistakes and text running out of the text box, and occasional glitches, including one that causes the game to randomly crash.


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