Picoo (ピクー Pikuu) is an antagonist in Klonoa: Moonlight Museum. He is the first of the four artists that Klonoa and Huepow encounter in the museum: a painter that has used people's recollections as a paint to create a work embodying nostalgia. He is the creator of Quiet Hometown.


Picoo is a long, seemingly serpentine creature with a vaguely beak-like mouth. The entirety of his visible body is striped with dark and light shades of purple, although he wears a long dark blue robe of sorts that appears to cover the entirety of his (rather skinny) arms, including his hands. His eyes are large white balls with swirls in place of any pupil or iris, and a small orange beret is atop his head.


Despite being an antagonist, Picoo is far from hostile when he meets Klonoa and Huepow. He is very enthused about art, especially his own, and is more than happy to show them his creation. When asked about the Moon Fragments, he explains how they can be retrieved from his painting, confident that they will not be able to succeed.


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