Rongo Lango

Rongo Lango (PSX)

is the first boss monster Klonoa encounters in Klonoa: Door to Phantomile and its Wii remake. It is a plant like monster who can leap high in the air to pound on its target, but it can be defeated by throwing Moos at his exposed back.



Because of its lack of back legs, Rongo Lango relies a lot on its tail to support it in movement. It tends to try making up for its slow movement through using the strength of its front legs to jump in toward or away from things.

Rongo Lango can cause the earth beneath it to rise with the use of its powerful tail. It is also shown to have to ability to create a dangerous ring of colorful energy.


Rongo Lango's stategy is mostly jumping around with the force of his tail, trying to hit Klonoa but is very easy to avoid. After a certain amout of time he will most likely use the top of his powerfull tail to plow away the ground of Bell Hill away, which causes a shockwave of dirt moving in over the path which hurts Klonoa if it hits. Also, he is capable of creating a rainbow ring spreading with a 360° radius, which also causes damage after a hit. When Klonoa stands behind him and isn't quick enough to attack Rongo Lango, he will turn around, moving in for a counterattack.