Suiryu is a tall, blue dragon, and one of the many competitors who appeared in Klonoa 2: Dream Champ Tournament.


As of yet, Suiryu's abilities have not been shown. Though he lacks any real formalities, he has actually been trained as a Knight before entering the tournament. As an expert swimmer, he feels that he has a natural edge in the competition. In fact, he has another identity hidden from other competitors.


Klonoa: Dream Champ Tournament

Suiryu was one of the competitors who faced Klonoa at the Southern Resort, having defeated Anemon beforehand. Suiryu lost, and was turned into a gear afterwards, but reverted back to normal after Garlen's defeat. At the end of Dream Champ Tournament, he was revealed to be cop undercover to infiltrate Garlen's tournament to see what was behind Garlen's scheme, and arrested him for his crimes. Suiryu could be seen again during the end credits in the group picture Chipple took, and in the illustration of World 4, participating in a swimming race against Klonoa.



  • Suiryu was the only character who was actually shown being turned into a gear.
  • His name is a reference to Selryu, one of the four Chinese constellations, which is known as the Azure Dragon.
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