"The power of the glorious night-sun will fuel my grand ambitions..."
—Tenebrae Hue

Tenebrae Hue, also known as Master Hue, is the main antagonist in Klonoa: Dream Traveller of Noctis Sol. He is a Dream Gatherer who aims to take over Phantomile and Lunatea (and possibly other worlds).


Tenebrae Hue is a tall, anthropomorphic lion who wears silver armor, along with a black and red robe with a cape.


Tenebrae Hue was in the world of Phantomile, preparing to use his Nightmare Missile to launch it to the Noctis Sol. He also had sent his Nighty-Knights to capture the Dream Traveller, Klonoa.

Unaware that Klonoa escaped capture, Master Hue soon used the power of the Noctis Sol to create dimensional portals to appear in the skies of Phantomile, causing various creatures from different worlds to appear, including Popka, with his Nighty-Knights gathering them up. Master Hue was later alerted of Klonoa's presence in the Hue Launch Station and sent his minions to capture him. He soon ordered the Nightmare Missile to be launched without delay, despite knowing he would be sacrificing the lives of his loyal Nighty-Knights.

His purpose for Noctis Sol's dream energy is mostly unknown, except for the fact he needs it for his plans.

Much later, he receives a report that his men in Lunatea have been defeated by a returning Klonoa and his friends. Hue is shocked to hear this and decides to handle the issue personally.

An illusion of a giant Hue appears in Lunatea, where Hue confronts Klonoa and reveals his intentions of conquering the dream world and orders Klonoa to surrender. Klonoa refused and Hue unleashed the dream versions of Guntz, Chipple and Nightmare Klonoa to destroy Klonoa and his friends.



  • It is possible that Tenebrae Hue knows Klonoa, or at least has some connection to him, due to the fact that he knows where he lives, identities of his friends, and what he looks like.
  • He seems to rely on his minions to fight for him. It is unknown why this is the case, although it's possible he only fights if he feels he absolutely has to.
  • "Tenebrae" is Latin for "darkness".
    • On a similar note, the title of the second-to-last strip he appears in, Tenebrae of Noctis, translates from Latin to "Darkness of Night"
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