Treffle (トレッフル Torehhuru) is an antagonist in Klonoa: Moonlight Museum. He is the second of the four artists that Klonoa and Huepow encounter in the museum: a sculptor that has created an overwhelmingly Giant Fortress.


Treffle is a rather small creature with an orange head reminiscent of that of a bird. His mouth is vaguely shaped like a beak, and a large green tuft of hair can be seen protruding from the top of his head. He wears black eyeglasses and a bow tie, along with a brown cloak. While his legs are short, his green feet (or shoes) are relatively large.


Treffle is very insecure about his small stature, acting obsessed with things that are large and creating "Giant Fortress." He is very flustered when Huepow points out his small size, and begins to insult him, pointing out that he is also small and "just a ball." He loudly declares "I am not tiny!" shortly afterwards. He does not seem to get over this fanaticism towards objects of great size, but he is able to get over his initial scuffle with Huepow.


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