Volk Hall is the location in Volk that houses the Element of Discord, and also the area where Klonoa faces the Mobile Tank Biskarsh in Klonoa 2: Lunatea's Veil.


Volk Hall is a large building with a skylight, housing an assembly hall adorned with banners featuring the Volkan flag, as well as a caged bell tower, holding the Element.

Role in the Story

After arriving in Volk, Klonoa, accompanied by Popka and Lolo, go to Volk Hall to obtain the Element of Discord, and find Leorina and Tat have beaten them there. They learn that Leorina is creating an artificial Wind Ring with machinery, and needs more power from generators in Volk City and the Underground Factory in Volk to do so, and send Tat to check them. Klonoa and his group then go to shut the generators down.

Later, Klonoa and the gang return to Volk Hall to see Leorina has left, but encounter a Volkan Guard Bot in her place. They manage to 'defeat' it, and are alerted of Leorina's presence, and learn that the generator were decoys, and she was recording data from that fight aswell, allowing her enough data to finish the ring. Leorina rings the bell, gaining the Element of Discord. Her machinery then becomes engulfed in flames, and Leorina blames the generators, and escapes with the Element. Klonoa and the group then go to shut the generators down, once more.


  • The interior design of Volk Hall may be inspired by the United Nation Headquarters.

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