The Wind Bullet is Klonoa's signature attack from his Wind Ring throughout the Klonoa series.


The magical jewel at the end of Klonoa's ring can fire a concentrated blast of wind known as a "Wind Bullet" that serves as his primary means of attack. When this bullet is fired against an enemy, their bodies inflate and become rounded, filling up with a light substance that makes them float. Klonoa can then pick them up over his head and either toss them straight forward into other enemies or use them to perform a second jump in the air, allowing him to reach places he normally couldn't (and kicking the enemy he is holding downwards in the process). Many of the levels in the Klonoa series of games have been designed with this ability in mind, with large vertical obstacles being a common hindrance.

It was revealed in Klonoa 2: Lunatea's Veil that the ring couldn't operate if Lolo (the ring's power source in the game) is not inside it. However, there have occurrences in several games where Klonoa's ring could fire wind bullets without anyone inside. This could be due to the fact each world has its own "physics" when it comes to the ring.

In Klonoa: Dream Traveller of Noctis Sol, it is revealed that if two power sources are inside the ring, the Wind Bullet becomes a tornado attack.


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